‘Lil’ Suzy’s Adventure Photos

‘Lil’ Suzy loves to travel and meet new people.

Check back often to see where she’s been.


5/14/16 Dribble for Cancer: This is Jason Fraser, a coach with the Phoenix Suns. He is 6 feet 9 inches tall! WOW



5/14/16 Dribble for Cancer: I’m not old enough to go to Hooters, but these 2 girls were so sweet.



5/14/16 Dribble for Cancer: Tim Kempton of the Phoenix Suns is way taller than I could imagine at 6 feet 10 inches WOW!



5/14/16 Dribble for Cancer: Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and some lovely PD Officers are excited to meet Lil Suzy. Uh Oh..Lil Suzy has lost her other shoe…gonna be hot on that sidewalk.



5/14/16 Dribble for Cancer: These guys are hilarious! Joey Boy and Aneesh from 101.5 rubbed elbows with Lil Suzy and she offered to read her stories ON AIR.



5/14/16 Dribble for Cancer: This is Molly and she is a ‘support’ horse that helps special needs children. I need to ask her where she got her cute purple ribbons.



5/8/16 Mother’s Day at The Gladly Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ. The food was delicious and my favorite was the chopped salad with salmon!


FullSizeRender (41)

4/3/16 This guy was wearing a barrel LOL



I love Vintage cars…vintage like me. That was a stuffed dog  *smile




2/19/16 On our way to Pioneer Elementary to read my stories



2/1/16 My most favorite place! Crystal Pier at Pacific Beach/San Diego. WE SLEEP OVER THE OCEAN!




2/1/16 Pacific Beach…I need flip-flops…sand Angels YAY



2/1/16 Pacific Beach…My new friend Olive the Octopus



1/31/16 Belmont Park… Lil Suzy takes a spin on the carousel.



1/31/16 Pacific Beach… Lil Suzy is a Lifesaver



12/22/15 Flagstaff, AZ Brr it was cold..I need to find my other shoe! But I do love making snow angels.



11/4/15 Tucson Comic Convention. I really like to help out the Hero Initiative!



11/4/15 Tucson Comic Convention…My very cool friend Jay Fotos



11/2/15 I love the theater! This play was very funny..altho not so much for kids my age 🙂



9/23/15 My book is at the Arabian Public Library. I was so excited to get my picture taken, I lost my little felt shoe 🙁



9/18/15 On my way to Sonoran Living Live



9/18/15 Margo – Producer of Sonoran Living Live..She was so nice!


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8/29/15 My horses wanted to go to the stable today.


FullSizeRender (36)

8/29/15 Oh my gosh..they left me on the fence and went without me…


FullSizeRender (37)

8/29/15 These are my new FELT FRIENDS. Each one of my stories will have a friend for you to have too.



8/22/15 AZ Cardinals pre-season..I really want to be a junior cheerleader!



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8/15/15 I LOVE to listen to the bagpipes. This cute Scotsman let me take a picture with him. NOT Scotland but Scottsdale 🙂




8/10/15 This is my good friend Diane. I was her birthday present and so excited to go home with her.


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8/9/15 School starts tomorrow! OH I am so excited to use my #2 pencil!



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8/2/15 We had such a comfy spot at the OH pool. Not many kids to play with, but I got to float in the pool…sunscreen always!




8/2/15 At the Valley Ho pool..my youngest fan..this is Gray Cassidy and she is 7 months old today and so cute.



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7/27/15 I attended a meeting today at Southwest Human Development. They are raising money for a children’s book writing contest. Too bad I can’t enter!!




7/27/15 Today I donated 10 books and 10 notebooks to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. I hope the kids enjoy reading the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.




7/25/15 I got to meet one of my idols today!  Clifford the Big Red Dog!  YAY




7/11/15 This is Sean. He is the Groom. I am honored he took a pic with me.




7/11/15 The BRIDE!! Sara Jane Woodward Erickson is my niece. Her dress was so pretty.





7/11/15 I attended my very first wedding at Millcreek Canyon in Utah. I LOVE cake!




I am so excited! My notebooks arrived today. I have sharpened my pencil and my crayon box smells like…crayons! I am gonna write the best story ever and draw a cool picture. One day…




6/21/15 I went to the Chandler Airport for breakfast and ate French Toast yummm! And a nice lady let me sit on her plane. I love to watch the planes take-off and land.



5/30/15 I went to Las Vegas with my family. I love to swim and jump off the diving board! I always wear sunscreen too!




5/30/15 This is the big Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas




5/30/15 I don’t really like to be up so high in the sky…wheeeeeeeee




5/31/15 This is my Grandma Jane. She lives in Utah. I decided to go home with her for the summer. Aren’t her glasses cute!




5/29/15 I went to Phoenix Comic Con. It was fun to see everyone dressed up in costumes and there are a lot of comic books too. I love to read. This is my friend Nick.




5/29/15 I helped out at the Hero Initiative’s Booth at Comic Con. We raise money to help comic creators in need.




5/29/15 I got to actually meet THE Brian Pulido at Comic Con. He is the creator of the comic book, Lady Death. I’m too young to read it, but he is really a nice guy!



20150529_165959 (1)

5/29/15 And this is Norm Rapmund. He is the current artist for DC Comics The Flash. Thanks for the photo op!




5/29/15 Fran Pulido is so nice..I think she was trying to give me a kiss!




Portia is my BFF. We have so much fun hanging out together.




5/29/15 OOOOuuuuchhhhhh…He looks scary but he’s not! My friend Jay Fotos had a really cool booth at Phoenix Comic Con.




5/29/15 I got to meet Taylor Neal and Kevin Baker. She’s a teacher during the day and a Super Hero at Comic Con.




5/29/15 Chocolate ice cream is my fav…thanks for sharing Bernie Fritts.




5/29/15 Heeyyyyy no pulling my pigtails! Eddie Rausch, Jay Convisor and Al Dropkin.

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